Speaker Guidelines

Mirjana Povic

Title: Astronomy for Development and for Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

Connie Walker

Title: Protecting optical observatory sites from the growing satellite constellation interference.

Myungshin Im

Title: Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet) for Multi-Messenger Astronomy: Key Results and Future Prospects.

Yumiko Oasa

Title: Japanese cooperation with universities for optical/infrared observations.

Zouhair Benkhaldoun

Title: The Oukaimeden observatory and its operation in robotic and remote mode: An inspiration for the creation of other similar observatories in several African countries.

Itziar Aretxaga

Title: The impact of ground-based telescopes in the formation of the next generation of astronomers.

Federico Di Vruno

Title: SKA Observatory: opportunities for Africa and challenges with new large satellite constellations.

Zainab Awad

Title: Astrochemistry in Africa: building our network.